David Shrigley

It was a year or two ago. I was in the local Popular bookstore when I encountered David Shrigley's petite red book.(whose title I regretfully forgot  later found out that it is Who I Am And What I Want) It piqued my interest, and I stood there reading every page of it. To think Popular actually sells book of such quality! Now I painfully regret not getting it.

Playfully childish, sometimes painfully cynical. Most of the time says what you exactly wanted to say but can't find the words to. His works tread on a thin line between being potentially criminally insanely absurd and highly intellectually deeply philosophical.
He makes drawings, animation on youtube, music, scultpures, photographs, tattoos, among other things.

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floating in the abyss

Collection: reaching for the out of reach

 Joshua Heineman of Cursive Buildings has been flipping the New York Public Library upside down sourcing for vintage 19th century images in order to create this eye-popping, mind-boggling, brain-altering series of 3 dimensional images. Amidst this bumpy road down time, try to keep your head on.

in any case:
cursive buildings

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